Copenhagen Film Fund makes “The Bridge III” more Danish than ever

21 Sep 2015, Posted by Liv Saalbach Holse in Uncategorized @en

When next season of DR’s crime series ”The Bridge” has TV-premiere, it will be in the most Danish version ever. Even though Kim Bodnia, who played one of the leading roles in the previous seasons, no longer is a part of the cast “The Bridge III” will be more Danish than ever on all other areas, thanks to Copenhagen Film Fund’s investment on 4,4 million DKK.

“The series has become more Danish because of Copenhagen Film Fund’s investment. It means that there now is a more equal balance between Swedish and Danish money in the series. Which again means that we have spend more money in Denmark on this season compared to the previous,” says the Danish producer on “The Bridge” Bo Erhardt from Nimbus Film. The last financial statements shows there has been a minimum spend in the capital area on 17 million DKK.

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Like the previous seasons “The Bridge III” is a Danish-Swedish collaboration with STV, which is the Swedish broadcaster of the series.

More jobs for film workers
But it is not only the amount of Danish money the will increase in this season. Both Danish film workers and Danish locations benefits from Copenhagen Film Fund’s investment.

“We shot on more Danish locations and employed more Danish film workers in relation to “The Bridge III” because Copenhagen Film Fund invested in the series,” says Bo Erhard and stresses that the viewers also benefits from the money.

”The series had looked cheaper if Copenhagen Film Fund had not invested because we simply would have had less money.”

Even though Kim Bodnia is not starring on this season, there are still lots of great Danish talent in the cast. Nicolas Bro, Thure Lindhardt and Sarah Boberg are all a part of the series that promises to be this fall’s big hit.

Copenhagen Film Fund is a good business
The money Copenhagen Film Fund has invested in third season of “The Bridge” is a good business for Copenhagen. A report from the research institute Copenhagen Economics shows that for each DKK the Fund invests in a production, the capital gets 3,2 – 5,8 DKK in return. The report also shows that the 29 million DKK the Fund has invested 2013-2015 has supported the growth in Denmark of 94-168 million DKK. Since the start up in 2013 the Fund has had an investment budget on 35 million DKK over three years, but is now negotiating with Copenhagen Municipality, The Capital Region and the Fund’s other investors about tripling the budget for the period 2016-2018.


“The Bridge III” has premiere on DR1 the 27th of September.