CPH TV Series Masterclasses: ”It’s a luxury and the type of course I think is the most exciting”

01 Sep 2017, Posted by Liv Saalbach Holse in Uncategorized @en

The largest Copenhagen TV Series Masterclasses to date is now well behind us. 170 of the Nordic region's most talented TV and film developers were mid August invited to the The Danish Film School for master classes with two of the world's absolute heavyweights in television drama development.

It was New Zealand writer and director Jane Campion, who just launched second season of the award-winning TV series "Top of The Lake", and American writer Richard Price, the man behind HBO hits series such as "The Night Of" and "The Wire "that were invited to share, inspire and elaborate on how to write a succesfull show.

After two years of primarily Danish writers, directors and producers in the red audience seats, we last year opened up for Swedes, Norwegians and Finns as well. The offer was so positively received that we upgraded further this year with 30 seats, including a few Americans and a single Frenchman.

Copenhagen Film Fund has asked five of the guests, why they participate in the Copenhagen TV Series Masterclasses and what this format offers?

Tone Rønning, executive drama producer at Norwegian broadcaster NRK
Participant for the second year

"What makes this master class event unique is the long sessions and a focus on the creators of the series instead of the production companies, which gives the possibility of going deeper into the themes. It makes a world of difference that it’s three hours instead of the usual 45 min. Of all the seminars and film and television industry events I participated in last year, Copenhagen TV Series Masterclasses were the best and most important.
It gives me professional insight into how TV series are created and how people work with them, inspiring me to try new methods and not stiffen in a pattern. You get new nourishment and stay in a improvement process. And then it's fantastic that it's confined to two projects, so you manage to come prepared."


Anders Weidemann - Swedish scriptwriter and producer
Participant for the second year

"I participate to get inspiration and new techniques for my work. There are not many craft-focused events and seminars in the Nordic countries, that offer the opportunity of meeting colleagues from other countries, reflecting on your own material and learn new techniques.
CPH TV Series Masterclasses present some of the biggest authors, who share experiences with a small exclusive group, which is a unique luxury. "The Night Of" is from my point of view one of the best TV series ever made. I'm working on a similar project at the time, making it all the more relevant for me to participate."


Jeppe Gervig Gram, principal author at Danish broadcaster DR
Participant for the fourth year

"Here you have the opportunity to nerd out. It's fantastic to listen to the experiences of some of the industry's most talented people, and go into the depths of their work – both material and processes. I am very occupied with details and love to go also get the chance to talk about the little things in a work process. It's not boring for me to hear how long an author works, how his work day looks like, how does he structure his process, how many does he work with? This is content I would travel far to get, and I'm considering myself as lucky that it is offered in Copenhagen. It's a luxury and the kind of course I think is most exciting.
then it is also important that it is international. Even though we think we are good at making TV series in Denmark, the biggest English and American TV series are another league that can give important inspiration."


Liselott Forsman, Executive Producer of international project at Finnish broadcaster YLE
Participant for the second year.

"It is totally different from all other forums I'm involved in in Europe. The great thing is that it's a real master class. It is not a commercial forum where a lot of professionals from the industry are gathered and must be stressed through a widespread program.
Here, there are only two speakers, so you can really reach the depth of the subject matter.
It's amazing that you can come up with such big names at such a little forum that anyone in the room can ask their question.
Especially this year, where we got the chance to see all episodes of "Top of The Lake: China Girl" and the cerator of "The Night Of”, which is one of my favorite series from last year. They are of a totally different league. This event present only the best speakers!


Kristian Hoberstorfer, development manager and producer at Swedish broadcaster SVT
Participant for the fourth year
"This event focus on gathering hand-picked, Scandinavian television creators and then spice it up with interesting international and current speakers. This combination is absolutely ideal. You get inspired and new ideas and thoughts. We make it an annual trip at SVT where the entire drama department, writers, directors and producers, go to get inspired and expand our network and horizon. You get a feel of what is in the air in television series production and get to network with a lot of people."


Copenhagen TV Series Masterclasses is hosted by Copenhagen Film Fund in collaboration with Copenhagen TV Festival. Read more about the event here.

Masterclasses -07098022

"Top of The Lake" creator Jane Campion elaborates on the series' origin. Her master class was moderated by journalist Lene Johansen.

Masterclasses -07097684

An audience of 170 people were gathered at The Copenhagen TV Series Masterclasses at The Danish Film School.

Masterclasses -07097604

The American writer Richard Price is the man behind both "The Night Of" and "The Wire". His master class were moderated by Christian Rank.

Masterclasses -07097066

Guests at this year's Copenhagen TV Series Masterclasses came from both Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Masterclasses -07097809

The team behind the largest Copenhagen TV Series Masterclasses to date. From the left: Mette Sig, Richard Price, Christian Rank, Jane Campion, Thomas Gammeltoft, Lene Johansen, Maria Hougaard.

Masterclasses -07097038