EU supports second season of “The Team” with one million

20 Nov 2015, Posted by Liv Saalbach Holse in Uncategorized @en

Second season of the first European, multi-language crime series “The Team” is now one step closer to realization.

Out of Creative Europe’s support pool of 52 million DKK, Nordisk Film Production just received stunning 7.5 million DKK to create a new season of the series.

“The Team” is a co-production between Nordisk Film Production (DK), Network Movie (DE), Lunanime (BE), Super Film (A) and a number of regional film funds including Copenhagen Film Fund. The hit production has a budget of more than 10 million euro, which is the minimum for television productions awarded such large support from Creative Europe.

As the Danish producer Thomas Heinesen says to the Danish Film Institute:

“The EU support really means a lot for the realization of the project and gives us a seal of approval in relation to the broadcasters, which we continue to negotiate with to get the financing finalized.”

33.5 million viewers
The series has in a sense already a seal of approval in the form of the first season’s viewer success. “The Team” was broadcasted in February-March 2015 and reached an impressive 33.5 million viewers in Europe. In Denmark alone the series reached almost 8.8 million viewers when it ran on DR1.

With an investment of 2.5 million DKK Copenhagen Film Fund made it possible for the production to place a large part of the work and filming in Denmark, which ultimately resulted in a spend of nearly 17 million DKK.

The Danish producer also announces a continuing intention of giving the series a predominantly Danish touch with Danish scriptwriters, directors and Danish scenography.

In addition to a partly Danish team behind the camera, “The Team” has Lars Mikkelsen in one of three main roles. Ole Boysen and Lisbeth Wulff are also on the casting list.

Read more about “The Team” here.

Four Danish projects received support
Creative Europe is EU’s support initiative for TV programs. In cooperation with TV broadcasters from minimum three different European countries it helps European independent production companies to produce high-quality programs with a European audience potential.

In addition to “The Team” three other Danish productions has received grants from Creative Europe; Final Cut For Real’s “Transformation” has received almost 600,000 DKK, Profile Pictures’ “The Child Soldier’s New Job” has received approximately 550,000 DKK and Danish Documentary Production’s “Bugs” received 600,000 DKK.