Every Saga has an end: World premiere of the Final Season of ‘THE BRIDGE’

05 Dec 2017, Posted by Liv Saalbach Holse in Uncategorized @en

Tonight is the night.

Tonight we are celebrating the end of a saga and hosting the gala premiere of THE BRIDGE’s fourth and final season in Copenhagen.

THE BRIDGE has helped put Sweden and Denmark on the map and contributed to – if not invented – the term Nordic Noir.

Tonight the cast, crew and team will look down memory lane and present the first two episodes of the forth season, which will air on Danish, Swedish and Norwegian television from 1st of January 2018. We are excited, as we expect the fans, industry and friends invited for tonight are as well.

We have fans coming from both Australia and UK to join the premiere. For the many dedicated fans who did not win tickets for tonight, the Gala will be live broadcasted on the official THE BRIDGE Facebook page – join the celebration tonight, December 5th at 07.00 PM CET.


Worldwide success
Since Danish Nimbus Film and Swedish Filmlance International produced the first season of THE BRIDGE in 2011, the series has continuously expanded its international success. The second and to this date most successful season has been sold to 178 territories around the world and third season was the highest rated television series on the British broadcaster BBC4 in 2015.

The worldwide success of the series has also resulted in the story being purchased for remakes in the US/Mexico, France/England and most recently in Russia/Estonia, where a body appears on the Narva Bridge borderline connecting the two countries.

As Piv Bernth, Head of Drama at DR, said when the Danish broadcaster announced production of the fourth season of THE BRIDGE:

Without revealing anything about the story, you can say that it does not built up to a sequel.”

The gala premiere tonight is hosted by Copenhagen Film Fund, Film i Skåne, Nimbus Film, Filmlance International, DR, SVT and ZDF.


Apart from Nimbus Film and Filmlance International THE BRIDGE is produced in co-produktion with Denmark’s Radio, Sweden’s Television, ZDF, ZDF Enterprises, Film i Skåne, NRK, Lumiere Group, Copenhagen Film Fund, Ystad-Österlen Filmfond with support from EU’s Creative Europe Programme and Nordvision.