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FLEE is an animated documentary that tells the story of people who are forced out of their homes and into the hands of human traffickers who drag them on a journey through hostile environments and cynical bureaucracies. The film is about Amin who came to Denmark by himself at the age of 16 after being on the run for five years. Amin is not your regular story of a fugitive. He is not a victim anymore. Today, he is 36 years old, gay and is finishing his PhD at Harvard University. He is planning to get married to his Danish partner, who would like to move to the countryside. But, Amin is rootless and doesn’t feel ready.

In order to come to terms with his past, he decides to open up and tell his best friend Jonas about his dramatic escape for the first time ever. A story about how he had his existence pulled up by the roots and, at the same time, had to relate to a ’dangerous’ emerging sexuality. The narrative frame of the film is the conversation between the two friends. This sets off the different stories from Amin’s life, and as soon as he starts talking about specific scenes, the animation will turn into scenic reproductions of his past. 




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Jonas Poher Rasmussen 

Jonas Poher Rasmussen 

Monica Hellström & Charlotte De la Gournerie 

Final Cut For Real 

Sun Creature DK/Vivement Lundi FR/MostFilm SE


Confession Story 

1.6 DKK

10 mio. DKK

February 2020