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The pressday yesterday at Statens Museum for Kunst where the third season of “The Bridge” is currently being shot bore evidence of how popular Danish tv drama is abroad these years. The Danish press was strong in numbers, but there were also journalists from Sweden, Germany and England that wanted to know more about the series, that Copenhagen Film Fund has invested four million kroner in.

During the pressday journalists had the opportunity to interview the actors and see the rehearsals for the shooting that is taking place in the impressive States Museum for Kunsts new wing.

In the third season Danish and Swedish police must once again work together when the well known Danish debater of sex Helle Anker is found brutally murdered in Sweden. The murder turns out to be one of several and the case has big personal consequences for the Swedish investigator Saga Norén.

One of the biggest new things about the coming season is Nicolas Bro. He is playing the rich, art loving and somewhat dubious Freddie Holst who has donated a new wing to a museum. The cast also consists of a long list of prominent names such as Sonja Richter, Sarah Boberg, Thure Lindhardt and Sarah-Sofie Boussnina.

”The Bridge” is one of the finest exponents for the Golden Age of crime fiction, that Scandinavia is seeing these years. Since the first season in 2011 the series has been sold all over the world. It has also been remade as “The Tunnel” that takes place between England and France, and “The Bridge” that is set along the border of United States and Mexico. The reviews have been raving, and the series has won several awards.

“The Bridge III” will premiere in the fall on DR.


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