20 Mar 2015, Posted by Liv Saalbach Holse in Uncategorized @en


The first look at the biggest disaster movie in Scandinavian film history is here. The film in question is the Norwegian “The Wave” that Copenhagen Film Fund has invested in and the Copenhagen-based VFX-firm Ghost has played a key part in bringing to life.

The film is about the geologist Kristian whose worst nightmare is brougt to life when the mountain Åknesset breaks and falls into the ocean setting off an 80 meter tall tsunami that destroys everything in its way.

Despite being af disaster movie ”The Wave” has a modest budget for the genre of 38 millioner kroner. Yet the film has an extremely high production value not least thanks to Ghost which is co-producing the film. They have successfully done the difficult task of getting the complicated special effets that are crucial to this kind of type film to appear scaringly realistic. Just watch that teaser!

Thomas Bo Larsen and Mette Horn are also starring as a Danish couple passing through.