03 Jun 2014, Posted by Liv Saalbach Holse in Uncategorized @en

The breakout young animation company Nørlum, from Viborg, is now setting up a base in Copenhagen, with the aid of the Fund’s investment in the major French feature animation project Longway North.  The film is helmed by Remi Chayé, and produced by renowned  French company Sacrebleu Productions, in a co-production with Nørlum ApS.

Longway North recounts the story of Sasha, a young girl from the 19th century Russian aristocracy, who dreams of the great expanses of the North, and yearns to go there on account of Oloukine, her grandfather, a famous explorer, who failed to return after his latest attempt to conquer the North Pole.  He infected Sasha with his passion for exploration, much to the displeasure of her parents, who have already arranged a marriage for her.  Sasha rebels against her fate in life, and runs away from home in order to find Oloukine in the wilds of the great unknown North.

”We are incredibly proud that we can be a part of financing a top class  international animation feature, and that this investment is directly responsible for creating jobs in Copenhagen. Once again, the Copenhagen Film Fund is justifying its remit. We invest in international film projects,while at the same time creating growth. This film has the potential  to become one of the  big box office successes in the world of animation. The project was rolled out at Cannes in grand style, and expectations are sky-high.  Here we are looking at a real and thoroughly worthy challenge to the great American animation films”, says the Copenhagen Film Fund’s  CEO,  Thomas Gammeltoft.

Longway North has also been developed with the support of the Danish Film Institute, and investment from the West Danish Film Fund.

Nørlum ApS  is a young, dynamic company owned by Frederik Villumsen and Claus Toksvig Kjær. In 2012,  Nørlum was selected from a raft of large international animation companies to co-produce the feature film, Song of the Sea from Oscar-nominated Cartoon Saloon from Ireland.  That placed Nørlum firmly on the world map, and when the noted French company Sacrebleu set to work on Longway North, they wanted Nørlum on board as co-producers as well. Longway North will be completed in time for Cannes in 2015.

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