The fund invests in a new international TV series

12 Jun 2018, Posted by Liv Saalbach Holse in Uncategorized @en

The Danish film shootings of Viaplay's international TV drama STRAIGHT FORWARD have just begun in Copenhagen. With an investment from Copenhagen Film Fund, the production includes both Danish cast and a seven-day shoot in the Danish capital.

New Zealand humour and magnificent scenery combined with Nordic noir mystique. This is broadly speaking the recipe for Viaplay's new international television series STRAIGHT FORWARD, which Copenhagen Film Fund has invested in.

STRAIGHT FORWARD is a new Zealand / Danish TV series produced in a cooperation between Screen Time New Zealand and Mastiff in Denmark.

The TV series is now in Copenhagen for a seven-day shoot. Among the main cast are Danish actors Cecilie Stenspil and Troels Lyby.

It is a very interesting experience to be part of such a great international collaboration. Getting the opportunity to play the main role and work with new colleagues on the other side of the globe is something quite special. I'm looking forward to seeing the final result - Kiwi television with a Nordic touch will be an exciting and different combination, not seen before, says actor Cecilie Stenspil, who has just returned from filming in New Zealand.

According to Thomas Gammeltoft, CEO at Copenhagen Film Fund, Cecilie Stenspil's statement complies completely with the fund's intentions with the investment in STRAIGHT FORWARD.

With our investment, the fund has provided several days of shootings in Copenhagen and international profiling of Denmark. An equally important aspect of our investments is to enable us to develop and inspire Danish skills and talent as they travel out into the world and draw new experiences. Experiences they bring back with them and make use of in the Danish industry, says Thomas Gammeltoft.

Head of Originals at Viaplay, Nanna Mailand-Mercado agrees with the unique cooperation across the countries:

We think it is interesting that a large international production wants to link a Danish angle to the story, which in this case is becoming the core of story. Many of our series are being made in collaboration with international financial partners, which can also be decisive for the series being shot on different locations. There is no doubt that Copenhagen Film Fund will enable us to shoot even more of our productions in Denmark, says Mailand-Mercado.

In addition to Cecilie Stenspil and Troels Lyby, the cast consists of Danish Vibeke Hastrup and Marie Boda as well as major New Zealand actors including Mark Mitchinson, John Callen, Stephane Garneau-Monten and Matthew Walker.

STRAIGHT FORWARD will be released in 2019 in eight episodes. The series is internationally produced by Mastiff in collaboration with Screentime from New Zealand and will receive international distribution by Banijay Rights & Acorn media Enterprises.

The project is supported by Copenhagen Film Fund and the new TV channel Zealand's TVNZ.