20 Feb 2015, Posted by Liv Saalbach Holse in Uncategorized @en

Yesterday the team behind “The Team” (renamed “Mord uden grænser” in Danish) which premieres this Sunday on DR1 gathered for a sneak peak at the first to episodes. “The Team” is a European thriller series in which police investigators from Germany, Belgium and Denmark work together on a case about murder and trafficking.

It is the first multilingual tv-series where there are an equal amount of lines in all three languages. Exactly that appealed to Lars Mikkelsen who plays one of the three leading parts as the caring and wise police investigator Harald Bjørn.

”The international part of the role with so many languages and actors from different countries was appealing to me. The aspect of trafficking was also interesting. That is something that is happening right now, so it is very relevant,” Lars Mikkelsen says.

Even though four different languages are spoken in the series and it is internationally financed there are big Danish fingerprints. That is not least thanks to Copenhagen Film Funds investment in the project.

“Nordisk Film was set to produce the series but we couldn’t raise enough money in Scandinavia so a lot of the shooting had to take place in Belgium. When Copenhagen Film Fund came along, we were able to bring a lot of it back. We are very pleased with that,” says Head of Production at Nordisk Film Thomas Heinesen.

”Copenhagen Film Fund invested to million kroner in the series which among other things meant that the editing took place in Copenhagen instead of Belgium. It also means more screen time to the city of Copenhagen.”

In every part of ”The Team” Danish hands have been used. Mai Brostrøm and Peter Thorsboe have written the script, Katrhine Windfeld who sadly passed away recently is conceptualizing director and has directed four episodes as have Kasper Gaardsøe. Danish actors are starring and there a lot of Danish film workers behind the camera.

””The Team is exactly the kind of project we want to invest in because Danish filmworkers and Danish talent are involved. We helped the series stay in Denmark which secured work that otherwise would have disappeared abroad,” says CEO of Copenhagen Film Fund Thomas Gammeltoft.

Watch the trailer here