30 Apr 2015, Posted by Liv Saalbach Holse in Uncategorized @en

Hard work is being put in these days to put the finishing touches on the Norwegian disasterfilm ”The Wave”, which Copenhagen Film Fund has invested in. Among other thins the Copenhagen-based FX-company Ghost are finishing up the special effects, that are crucial to a disasterfilm.

The result of their effort can be seen in the first trailer (see below) that has just landed. Judging by it Copenhagen now houses a company that can make special effects that matches up with even the biggest Hollywood-films. Thee gigantic tidal wave looks very impressing!

Eventhough the film is quite done yet – part of the final score are still missing, which is being done by The Stavanger Philharmonic Orchestra – it has already been chose to open the film festival I Haugesund on August 16.

The film officially opens August 28.