22 Feb 2015, Posted by Liv Saalbach Holse in Uncategorized @en

As the show fell Saturday night outside the residence of the American ambassador, Rufus Gifford noticed that it resembled confetti snow in a movie. The Danish film industry and several notable Danish politicians had indeed gathered inside the residence Rydhave in Charlottenlund north of Copenhagen to celebrate the ability of the film medium to bring stories to life the night before the Oscars. The American ambassador opened his doors and co-hosted with Copenhagen Film Fund the event that focused on film and – not least – the Oscars. The guests were a strong representation of the Danish film industry and secretary of social affairs Manu Sareen along with other prominent politicians such as Lars Barfoed and Anette Vilhelmsen and they could enjoy a menu that was a symbioses of Oscar films and food. They could eat a black hole-donut to celebrate the Oscar nominated film “The Theory of Everything” about astro-physicist Stephen Hawking. Or a smoked pigeon breast with quail egg to honor the Oscar favorite “Birdman”. The food was accompanied by American bourbon and Californian red wine to the sounds made by the DJ of the night Le Gammeltoft.

“The Oscars is something uniquely American that has been exported to the whole world. That is worth celebrating” said ambassador Rufus Gifford who has worked a number of years in the film business in Los Angeles.

”Denmark’s international contribution to film and television is worth celebrating too. When I talk to my friends in Hollywood, they always talk about Danish film and television shows that are influencing what is going on in United States right now. That is very exciting. There are no Danish Oscar nominations this year even though there were many last year. But I am sure that there will be more in the years to come,” he said.

The other speaker of the night was co-host Thomas Gammeltoft, Copenhagen Film Fund:

”Tonight we are celebrating our fantastic medium – the audiovisual one. We us the medium to convey thoughts and tell stories that are provoking, entertaining, funny and serious. When it is best a combination. In light of the recent serious events we celebrate our freedom to express ourselves if you have something important to say. But with respect for one another. That is what the Oscars is also about.”

Copenhagen Film Fund wishes to thank Rufus Gifford and the American emabassy for the cooperation and the sponsors that helped make the evening possible: FAFID, Nordisk Film, Producentforeningen, Getty Images, FilmGear, Dansk Filmfotografforbund, Red Rental, Carlsberg, Øresund Filmkommission. LaudrupVin, and 360 Street Catering.


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