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Photo: Jo Voets


Copenhagen Film Fund supports the Danish-international police series THE TEAM with 2,5 million DKK.

Copenhagen´s brand new film fund, Copenhagen Film Fund, was established to ensure that international film – and TV-projects are pulled to Denmark. As it’s first major project they have decided to cooperate with ZDF and Nordisk Film in creating the ambitious international police series for TV, THE TEAM, which is co-produced with DR (Denmark´s Radio) and national broadcasters in Germany, Sweden, Austria and Belgium.

THE TEAM, which was announced this week, has a budget of 10 mio Euro. Copenhagen Film Fund supports the project with 2,5 million DKK. Newly appointed CEO Thomas Gammeltoft of Copenhagen Film Fond says:

–        I am so excited that Copenhagen Film Fund has joined the production of THE TEAM. It is the first European multilingual crime series that builds on the famous Nordic crime-noir tradition. The fund has jet again contributed to the attraction of film production in Denmark. Furthermore it contributes to the fact that all the directors are Danish, for instance Katrine Windfeldt, the conceptual director of the series. THE TEAM lives up to all our criteria for international productions, which uses Danish talent and film in our area. We create workplaces!

THE TEAM is a Danish-international TV-series with a total of eight episodes each lasting 58 minutes. The conceptual director Katrine Windfeld is in front of the sheer Danish director team, including the writers Peter Thorsboe and Mai Brostrøm. ZDF and Network Movie first came up with the idea of making a Danish-international TV-series and in the last four years Nordisk Film Production has been playing an active role in the development. Producer Thomas Heinesen from Nordisk Film says:

–        It is of decisive importance to the international TV-series THE TEAM that Copenhagen Film Fund has decided to become part of the project. The series, which began in Denmark and with all the creative main forces being Danish, now also have an opportunity to be produced here. Copenhagen has many qualified people in the movie industry that can now become a part of the production. Likewise will many of the capital’s unique locations be presented in the TV series. We are looking forward to the collaboration and we very much welcome the new film fund.   

THE TEAM is produced in collaboration with Network Movie in Germany, Lunamie in Belgium and Superfilm in Switzerland. Furthermore the following TV-companies are also linked to THE TEAM: DR, ZDF, SVT, ORF and ARTE. Many funds from Belgium, Austria and Nordisk Film – & TV Fund are also included. The movie’s executive producer Peter Nadermann, who was also involved in the TV-successes Forbrydelsen and Broen, says:

–        I have followed the creation of Copenhagen Film Fund with great enthusiasm and I am sure that the fund will become an important factor to the Danish film industry. Therefore I am proud that the fund has chosen to support THE TEAM as one of their first projects. THE TEAM is a Danish crime series that will travel all around the world in English. But the heart of the series is Danish and that is why the center of the series should be Copenhagen.

The shooting of the series begins on the 21th of October 2013, and ends the 30th of June 2014. The series is shot in Copenhagen and its environs, but also in Belgium, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The series will be completed in November 2014 and released in the end of 2014 or in the beginning of 2015. DR1 will broadcast the series in Denmark.