24 Oct 2017, Posted by Liv Saalbach Holse in Uncategorized @en

This week the level of creativity and international film talent is a bit higher in Copenhagen. At Copenhagen Film Fund we are thrilled to be a part of the reason. Together with The Danish Film Institute, Film i Skåne and The Swedish Film Institute the Fund is local partner of this year’s international producer workshop EAVE/European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs.

EAVE is one of the leading training programs for film producers in Europe. Every year 50 film and television producers from across Europe are participating in an intensive program aimed at introducing them to the global market. This week the year's third and largest workshop, the so-called Decision Makers Forum, will launch in Copenhagen, where 51 participants and 65 decision makers and experts from all over the world will be visiting the city including the world sales company THE MATCH FACTORY from Germany, French distribution company HAUT ET COURT, American talent development institute SUNDANCE INSTITUTE and the broadcaster ZDF/Arte from Germany.  

Previously the workshop has primarily attracted European participants, but the awareness from outside of Europe is rising and this year producers  from countries as far away as Nigeria, Nepal, Bolivia and Brazil are participating. Also the two Danish producers Per Damgaard Hansen from Mesterplan Pictures and producer Maria Stevnbak Westergren from Toolbox Film are among this year's EAVE participants. Throughout the week the participants will be introduced to Danish production companies including Nordisk Film, Zentropa, Nimbus Film and Snowglobe Film.

Thomas Gammeltoft, Head of Copenhagen Film Fund, is hoping that the workshop's location in Copenhagen will provide an opportunity for future international co-productions between Danish and international producers.  

"The EAVE program is a unique opportunity to promote Copenhagen to foreign film producers, writers, directors, financiers and distributors, who come to town and experience and see the city's attractions and creative talent, while simultaneously profiling Copenhagen as a world-class creative city," he adds.