After a number of murders of prostitutes at a motorway stop near Berlin, in a rear courtyard in Antwerp, and in a brothel in Copenhagen, Europol decides to form a task force to tackle the case.  Harald, a Dane, Jackie, a German, and Alice from Belgium embark on the hunt for the killer.  As the case unfolds, the killings prove to be just the tip of the iceberg, the iceberg itself being a large, pan-European criminal organization involved in everything from drugs  and financial crime to corruption, hired killings and not least people trafficking , illegal labor and prostitution.

The Team is the first truly European, multilingual crime series. It was devised by Peter Nadermann (formerly of ZDF Enterprises) in collaboration with DR, from an original idea from the writers of the Series.

The Series has come into being on the basis of of the international success story of hit Danish TV series. The Team is a natural progression from this, and a number of international investors have been assembled eager to create an exciting new TV series with a distinctively Nordic feel, and of Nordic quality. The writers have excellent Danish contacts at Europol Headquarters in the Hague, and after conducting in-depth research, have written this realistic tale of how today’s criminals are no longer constrained by national borders. In order to counter the criminals’ increasing wide-ranging activities, European nations have embarked upon a broader police collaboration, with Headquarters in The Hague.

This is the point of departure for The Team.






Lars Mikkelsen (DK)

Jas­min Gerat (DE)

Veerle Baetens (BE)



Head writers:




Mai Brostrøm & Peter Thorsboe.

Kathrine Windfeld

Thomas Heinesen & Stinna Lassen




Production Company


Co-Production Company:




Network Movie (DE) 

Lunanime  (BE)

Nordisk Film Production

TV /  8 x 58 min.

Crime / Drama

ZDF i samarbejde med Nordisk Film og DR samt div. europæisk fonde og tv-stationer.

Expected release: 

DR January 2015




Photo: Jo Voets