Copenhagen is a city with many great opportunities and potential for film production. At Red Rental, we consider the establishment of Copenhagen Film Fund a critical step towards realizing this potential. Copenhagen Film Fund opens up the possibility of profitable moviemaking in our Capitol city, which will help attract international productions. This will not only benefit the Copenhagen film community, but also strengthen Danish film and TV production in general. For Red Rental, supporting the Copenhagen Film Fund it is an important and exciting undertaking, and we look forward to strong and mutually inspiring partnerships with both Danish and international stakeholders.

Red Rental is one of Denmark’s leading rental companies for professional equipment in film and TV production. We are based in Copenhagen but deliver all over Europe. Red Rental is brand independent. We rent out all types of cameras and are experts in digital formats and workflows. This means that we always offer our customers the right solutions for their particular projects. We guarantee that you get the best possible choices of both format and workflow, and ensure that they are consistent with the project’s ambition and conditions – every time!



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