As the Capital of one of the oldest kingdoms in the world Copenhagen has a special atmosphere. You can feel 1000 years of history in the streets, on the squares and in the beautiful old buildings – and at the same time be inspired by modern architecture and green solutions like windmills, harbor baths and the world famous bicycle lanes.

In Copenhagen everybody strives to make the city comfortable and convenient for the visitors. The streets of Copenhagen are open for many different kinds of activity. Street parties with thousands of participants and big sports events in the middle of the city are just a few examples on the alternative use of the public space.

The restaurants offer all types of food from burgers to world class gastronomy. You can find traditional and historic hotels – or modern hotels, showcasing Danish Design at its best.

The municipality makes it as easy and attractive as possible to use the facilities in the city. Copenhagen has an effective infrastructure. You can use the most modern metro in Europe, and it is at the same time easy to walk or bike through the city. Copenhagen is the natural port to Scandinavia. Copenhagen Airport Kastrup is the center of intercontinental and European routes, and the Oresund Bridge makes Malmo, the third largest city in Sweden, reachable within half an hour.



Film productions are very welcome in Copenhagen. Film shootings in the public space are free, and it just requires permission.


For counseling on locations in Copenhagen, please contact Film Greater Copenhagen:

Caroline Gjerulff
T: +45 26 74 89 20


For permissions to use the public space in Copenhagen, please contact:

Copenhagen Business Service
Njalsgade 13
2300 Copenhagen S
T: +45 33 66 31 01

Contact in Copenhagen Municipality:
Peter Willumsen
T: +45 30 35 06 77

Online application for permissions: Filming in Copenhagen


Permission from the police is necessary if a shooting requires stopping of traffic.


Skuespilshuset med havnebus set fra Christianshavn 0 T UMAX PowerLook III V1.2 [4] Havneholmen Havneholmen. Foto Københavns Kommune Nyhavn_Photographer_Wonderful_Copenhagen Metro i Ørestaden 0 T UMAX PowerLook III V1.2 [4]