As an active participant in the CultureMetropolÖresund project Ballerup Municipality have chosen to join the regional film fund in order to retain and attract film- and TV-productions etc. The aim is not primarily to support cultural activities as such, but rather to contribute to growth and employment in the film industry and related businesses. The creative industries have great influence on the development of a metropolitan region which aims to attract highly skilled workers.

Ballerup Municipality’s interests in the film fund is primarily related to an activation of the facilities of the former Værløse Airfield and the linkage between business and culture.

Ballerup is the epitome of a good suburb – an Edge City to the nation’s capital and a representative sample of “welfare Denmark”. The municipality encompasses all the elements which form the framework of the good life – for people of all ages. A municipality with multiple centers, five suburban trainstations and a lot of art integrated into the townscape. With a good balance between town and country – and with a reasonable mix of settlement and industry. Furthermore we have a university campus and Denmark’s largest organic farming.

We are a relatively young borough with several new, attractive residential neighborhoods, but also with distinctive neighborhoods of older date with large apartment buildings or traditional houses. Ballerup has a large and diverse business environment, and we have many examples of spectacular companies and business types which could be used in depictions of people on the job.

Ensuring the welfare of the citizens is the starting point for the municipality’s many services, which of course offer everything from child care and schools to nursing homes. A wide range of rich cultural and leisure activities play an important role locally, and we have many exciting sites, spanning from the Super Arena and allotment gardens to cultural centers and community houses. Similarly the green landscape belts play a major role in people’s everyday lives. Just outside the door, we offer open landscapes, a few well-preserved village-environments and protected nature with fine qualities.



Jens Over­gaard
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