Elsinore has chosen to contribute to Copenhagen Film Fund because it creates turn-over and branding, supports and involves the local creative businesses, creates life and spreads pride and joy locally in being part of a film production.



Elsinore is full of historical sites and buildings – from ruins of Gurre Castle, Kronborg (Hamlet’s Castle) and the medieval city center to the old picturesque mill, part of the earliest Danish firearms production placed idyllically in the forest by a lake.

Elsinore has big and empty raw industrial buildings and the neighborhoods that grew up with the big shipyard. And you will find brand new architecture by the harbor in form of the Maritime Museum of Denmark and the Culture Yard.

Elsinore is by the sea. The ferries still sail. Sweden’s Helsingborg is close by. The city of Hornbæk has a harbor, sandbeaches and lots of summer guests.

And in Elsinore there are plenty of possibilities for accommodation and a One Stop Business Service that can coordinate with relevant authorities.



Søren Birk Sørensen
T: +45 25 31 29 07
E: sbs25@helsingor.dk