28,000 citizens and 122 nationalities make up the vibrant image of Albertslund. 23.2 square kilometers is the frame.

Only 20 minutes from Copenhagen’s main square is Albertslund. Surrounded by forest and green areas, it is a city, where nature and residential areas go hand in hand. Here, you find both idyllic village ambiance and concrete. “Mountains” and prisons. Open landscapes and industrial zones.

The planned city from the 1960s and 70s with innovative construction and horizontal high-rises has attracted much attention from all over the world. The architecture is extraordinary and the web of canals throughout the city, the tunnels and the sharply square buildings outline a very special city. A real life Cardamom Town….

In Albertslund, art and culture is a key issue and fuels the city’s development. Culture is an important co-creator of the good life for the city’s children and youth – their parents and grandparents.

The cultural scene in Albertslund includes the music venue Forbrændingen, the Albertslund Cinemas and the Viking village, where scenes from “Timetrip: The Curse of the Viking Witch”, starring Kim Bodnia as Harald Bluetooth, were shot.

Albertslund municipality also houses the Risby Studios, where several movies, TV series and entertainment shows have been taped.

The most famous movie location in Albertslund is probably Vridsløselille State Prison, where 13 movies about the “Olsen Gang” have iconically opened with Ove Sprogøe, as gang leader Egon Olsen, walking out the prison gates accompanied by the familiar music of composer Bent Fabricius Bjerre.

That is why it is ideal for Albertslund Municipality to be a member of Copenhagen Film Fund. Because it’s citizens are enthusiastic about art and culture. Because Albertslund Municipality recognizes the growth potential in the movie industry. Both in terms of job creation and experience economy. And because Albertslund is part of a larger regional context – the city’s development interconnects with the development of the Capital Region. Albertslund is a part of Copenhagen.



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