Frederiksberg has for many years been the location for films and television recordings, and will gladly continue to welcome future productions. We have a lot to offer – from the classic green Frederiksberg to the raw, modern and urban charm.

Frederiksberg is a mix of urban city and green parks, with historic sites and modern architecture. We are an integral part of the Copenhagen area, but with our own distinct community pride. Go for a walk and feel the atmosphere of vitality and openness, and you’ll probably understand why. Here are green areas with room for coziness, relaxation and activity, and on the main streets you will find the atmosphere  that gives the city it’s special diversity and pulse.

Approximately 30,000 students spend their days in Frederiksberg in one of the many educational institutions. Both the students and the many families who live in Frederiksberg help give the city a contemporary, urban feel.

Frederiksberg Municipality has decided to contribute to the Copenhagen Film Fund, because we expect that the Fund can help to attract more film productions to the region. This will benefit economic activity in the region, both in terms of jobs, as well as through increased branding of the region.  We also hope that local companies thereby will get the opportunity to track new customers, and to develop their services and know-how.




Stef­fen Stein­berg


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